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Air Turbine Tools®

Constant High Speed and Torque Hand Tools, Spindles and Motors. 

Air Turbine Tools® high speed precision Hand Tools, Motors,and Spindles are revolutionizing performance standards throughout the machining industry.

The patented design and manufacture of our product ranges enables us to deliver constant governed speeds from 25,000 to 90,000 rpm, with up to 1.40 hp (1.04 kW) power leading to a cleaner cutting action, faster production rates and longer tool life throughout the spectrum of metal and composite cutting processes all the while operating at less than 67 dba and with no maintenance.  

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Additional advantages include:

·      Our light powerful  Hand Tools operate well below both American and European regulatory limits for greater ergonomic safety.

·      Automated loading with center air feed or using our pre manufactured Tool Mounting Accessory blocks make our Spindles easy to retrofit to dramatically increase feed rates on all CNC Machines (DMG, Haas, Robodrill, Doosan, Hermle, Fadal, Fanuc, Hurco, Brother, Mazak) and many more. View a time comparison test here.

·      Our Motors are oil-free and maintenance-free for a pristine and perpetual production cycle in all automated or robotic applications.

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