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Astes4 SA

ASTES4®, based in Balerna, in southern Switzerland, develops ASTES4SORT: a patented “intelligent FMS" (Flexible Manufacturing System) specifically designed for sorting, that can select, handle and stack the widest range of materials independently of cutting nesting.

ASTES4SORT can be integrated with automated warehouse, vision system, scanner and marking & labeling systems or any other customer request. ASTES4SORT manages the loading of sheet metal and the sorting of single cut parts generated by the most part of 2D cutting machines.
ASTES4SORT is fully customizable and is able to sort, move and stack cut parts of any shape, placing and kitting them for further use.
ASTES4® operates internationally, offering its expertise for special applications such as refineries and metal foundries, offshore and underwater installations, railway traction, aerospace and medical.

ASTES4 awarded by the jury of Technishow with Technishow Innovation Awards.The system ASTES4SORT was recognized as worthy of the name of "Innovator".